The Project


The vision of ArchitectECA2030 is to provide a harmonized pan-European validation framework enabling mission-oriented validation of electronic components and systems (ECS) for electric, connected and automated (ECA) SAE L3 to L5 vehicles to improve reliability, robustness, safety and traceability.



The mission of the ArchitectECA2030 project is to define a harmonized pan-European validation framework for ECS, and the methods, tools, metrics around it, coordinated with global, and regional (e.g. US) activities for ECA vehicles including periodical re-validation and certification which may become the legal resilience for automated vehicles.



The Figure illustrates the chain of ArchitectECA2030 objectives which depend on each other. Objectives 1 to 3 represent the group of technical objectives for addressing the ECA vehicles challenges, while objectives 4 and 5 highlight the contributions to economic and societal challenges. The objectives aim to strengthen Europe’s position in the fields of safe and reliable electronic components and embedded intelligence.




Work Packages:


WP 1 - Requirements and targets

WP 2 - Methods, architectures, models and tools for validation framework

WP 3 - Components and sub-systems enabling virtual development and validation

WP 4 - Identification and management of risks in automotive ECS

WP 5 - Integration of the residual risk framework

WP 6 - Validation of mission oriented ECS

WP 7 - Twinning, dissemination, exploitation

WP 8 - Project management and liaison


Supply Chains: 


SC 1 - Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk in acquisition and perception systems

SC 2 - Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk in actuator and propulsion systems

SC 3 - Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk for safety and security in connectivity systems

SC 4 - Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk for safety security privacy on overall system architecture

SC 5 - Global Alignment and Contribution to Standards


ArchitectECA2030 has been accepted for funding within (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement No 877539.

The project will receive an ECSEL JU funding up to 4 M€ completed with national budgets from – Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway funding from national funding authorities.  

Project Facts

Short Name: ArchitectECA2030

Full Name: Trustable architectures with acceptable residual risk for the electric, connected and automated cars

Duration:  01/07/2020- 30/06/2023

Total Costs: ~ € 13,6 Mio.

Consortium: 20 partners from 8 countries

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG



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