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ArchitectECA2030 Supply Chains

SC1 Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk in acquisition and perception systems

SC2 Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk in actuator and propulsion systems

SC3 Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk for safety and security in connectivity systems

SC4 Failure modes, fault detection and residual risk for safety security privacy on overall system architecture

SC5 Global Alignment and Contribution to Standards



ArchitectECA2030 Demonstrators

DEM1.1 Foreign object detection system within a wireless charging system

DEM1.2 Robust Physical Sensors

DEM1.3 Simulation of run-time monitoring device for automated driving and robust environmental perception

DEM1.4 Position Enhancement Using 2D Cameras



DEM2.1 Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of inverter power components

DEM2.2 Formal methods based monitoring device

DEM2.3 Health monitoring system for electric motors

DEM2.4 Secure Monitoring Device (MonDev)



DEM3.1 Road condition detection and V2X connectivity

DEM3.2 Digital twin package monitoring

DEM3.3 Built-in connectivity component aging monitoring



DEM4.1 Hardening automatism for power or motor control design

DEM4.2 Lifetime Drift Model for Discrete Parameters

DEM4.3 Virtual Validation & Verification (V3) Framework

DEM4.4 Automated Driving Demonstrator

ArchitectECA2030 Big Picture

The project demonstrators are a background for ArchitectECA2030 Big Picture, demonstrating synergies between Demos, the main concepts and essential processes. The Big Picture concept strongly supports the targeted reference homologation and the developed hierarchical monitoring device (MonDev) concepts across all ECS layers. Furthermore, the Big Picture highlights partners’ cooperation across companies and countries, enables cross-partner results to maximize impact, and stimulates collaborative activities relevant for standardization. Development, verification and validation of the targeted demonstrators enabled to speed up the standardization activities and the development of the targeted reference homologation process, validation framework concept and residual risk evaluation.


ArchitectECA2030 has been accepted for funding within (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programs under grant agreement No 877539.

The project will receive an ECSEL JU funding up to 4 M€ completed with national budgets from national funding authorities in Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria and Norway.  

Project Facts

Short Name: ArchitectECA2030

Full Name: Trustable architectures with acceptable residual risk for the electric, connected and automated cars

Duration:  01/07/2020- 30/06/2023

Total Costs: ~ € 13,6 Mio.

Consortium: 20 partners from 8 countries

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG



Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020



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